Yale Just Dicked Its SAE Chapter Because Of Comments Made A Year Ago By Graduated Members

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Fraternities are comprised of college-aged males. College-aged males are comprised of alcohol and a ravenous sexual appetite. What the fuck do universities think these guys are going to discuss?

We aren’t quite sure of all the details, but it appears that SAE at Yale just went tip-to-tip with the girthy shaft of Yale’s administration and lost. A year after two members allegedly made sexually suggestive comments at a private initiation ceremony, the brothers learned they will close up shop until August 2016.

The really perplexing — and frightening — aspect of this situation comes in here: The two members who made the comments at the ceremony have since graduated. The ceremony also occurred in February 2014. That was a year ago. A full year, roughly 365 days later, and now the chapter is told it’s done. All of this over words spoken at a private event. No actions resulted from the comments. Nothing but a few “inappropriate comments.”

From Yahoo:

The incident occurred at a private chapter event when two members made “inappropriate comments” about a female student, Brandon Weghorst, an SAE spokesman, said by e-mail.

The precedent has been set. A verbal utterance at a private event sent these guys packing. Are GroupMe conversations next? Those surely aren’t clean. Might as well wipe that Facebook as well.

Even the SAE national president was shocked to hear that Yale was giving his guys the boot a year after the incident.

“I was surprised at the university coming in a year later” with the ban on SAE, said Cohen, who helped establish the Yale chapter in the late 1980s. The students who made the comments have graduated, he said.

We’ll probably never know the exact words spoken during the event. The fear still exists, though. The chapters following spring break and formal just got a lot less interesting.

To all the stories that were aborted before they ever saw the light of day as a result of this ruling, rest in peace.

[via Yahoo]

Image via Yale Daily News

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