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WVU Professor Probably Regrets Sharing This Anonymous Student Review With The Class

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There can be a wide variety reasons why you hate your professor. Maybe she is so dry that she turns staying awake during lecture into an olympic sport. Perhaps he treats his English 101 class like it’s the most important course you will ever take. These profs can make a single semester feel like a life sentence. But at the end of the hellscape the tables are finally turned, and the students are given an anonymous opportunity to really unload.

Look at this fucking kid, though. This well rounded student decided to skip the constructive criticism bullshit and used the opportunity to candidly express his or her opinion. Let’s start with the numbered section. I love that this individual was not satisfied by simply giving out terrible ratings in each category. He or she felt the need to add notes as if giving someone a zero wasn’t enough. Once you get to the actual comment section it starts to looks like this person is going to give some concrete feedback the professor can use in future classes.

And then, like the hero we have all been waiting for, he or she concludes this review in the most delicious way. These are the kind of balls most people only dream of having. “Fuck you. Suck a dick.” Notice there is almost no punctuation anywhere else, but here there are two glaring periods. Look at how it’s written compared to the rest of the review. The letters look decisive and deliberate as if the student was savoring each stroke of the pencil. The hatred and resentment is palpable. It truly is a thing of beauty.

Much respect to the hero who had the courage to anonymously lash out, and the WVU prof who was willing to share it with the class. Hopefully we can all learn a lesson or two from both of them.

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Mike Hale

"Just remember, we are all boys grown tall." -Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

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