Woman Goes On Unhinged Text Rant After Dude Denies Her Sex

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Last week, we wrote about a man who sent his female Tinder date a series of pissed-off texts after she denied him sex. This week, we’ve got a similar situation, but the roles have been reversed.

From COED:

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Daamn. She was just as thirsty as the dude from last week was. There are some parallels we can draw between the angry, rejected male and the angry, rejected female. Let’s examine. First:

The rejected man from last week was pissed that he had to pay for all those drinks without sex in return.

The rejected female was pissed that she had to spend two hours shaving her legs and getting ready without sex in return.

This adds some perspective for me. I always thought the man, who has to risk his hard-earned capital on the prospect of sex, had much more at stake on a date. But spending two hours getting ready sounds like a nightmare. I’m ready in five minutes flat. Jack off, rinse the dick and pits, brush the teeth, throw on a polo, boom. What I’m saying is, ladies, I feel for ya. Second parallel:

The rejected man from last week calls his date a cheap ho for using him for free shit.

The rejected female calls her date gay.

This a mini example of a big picture, society type thing. Both the male and female defend the things about themselves that society tells them to value most. For the rejected man, it’s his money, and his date used him for it. For the rejected woman, it’s her attractiveness, and there’s no way any straight man wouldn’t want some. Both respond by loudly reaffirming these values, almost to themselves. Egos get bigger when they’re challenged, which is why the biggest douchebags are always the most insecure. (Holy shit that was deep. I just wrote your next philosophy or English or pscych paper for you. You’re welcome).

But at the end of the day, there are really only four possible reasons for the guy rejecting this chick.

1. She’s heinous. Like really, really heinous.

Guys are hornier than girls are. It’s the plain truth. To any girl who would say otherwise, I ask you: Have you ever masturbated while driving? We’re willing to settle to get laid, unless she’s real bad.

2. He is gay.

Comes down to that “willingness to settle” thing we just talked about. Straight guys will settle for some very below average snatch.

3. He’s playing the long game.

Maybe he’s really into her, but he’s making her want him more by pushing her away first. That’s how the dude from SNL married Olivia Wilde. He took her out, showed her a great time, then didn’t hit her up for a month. Drove her straight onto his dick.

4. (Most likely) This convo is fake.

This conversation came out a week after the other one. And it plays out like a canned, “oh girls can be rapey horndogs too,” response. The dude says, “No means no… I don’t need a reason,” just like the girl from last week. Then she says, “No only means no when I say it,” which just seems too perfectly hypocritical, given the timing.

5. Maybe he just wants to be friends?

Read: He wants her to introduce him to her hotter friends. That explains why he casually mentions having a big ole donger.

[via COED]

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