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Woman Drives Drunk To Scene Of Husband’s DWI, Gets DWI Too

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Woman Drives Drunk To Scene Of Husband's DWI , Gets DWI Too

True love knows no bounds. Especially not the boundaries of the law.

When a man in Santa Fe, New Mexico was pulled over for a DWI, his wife drove to the scene to try to smooth things over. Unfortunately, she was also hammered. Cherity Roybal-Vigil was then taken to jail along with her husband.

From KRQE News:

“How much alcohol have you had today?” The deputy asked Roybal-Vigil. “I’ve had two glasses of wine and my mother’s on her way here,” she answered.

In one of the tests, the woman was instructed to count backwards from 63 to 41. “Fifty-three, 52, 51, 50, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50,” she counted. “Forty, 41, 42 and 43. Was that correct?” Investigators said she failed multiple sobriety tests.

Finally, the deputy asked Roybal-Vigil to perform a breath test.

“You’ve only had two drinks?” The deputy asked. At the end of the breath test, he told Roybal-Vigil, “0.15, you’re almost double the legal limit.”

I commend this woman’s commitment to family. Not only did she fight for her husband despite being under the influence of two extremely potent glasses of wine, but she brought her kid along, too.

As the tests continued, another deputy helped the woman’s young son out of her car.

As Roybal-Vigil was arrested for DWI, she waved to her son. “I love you mom,” he told her. “Love you too dude,” she answered.

Yeesh. And this kid’s teacher is concerned about how violent his doodles are now? Just wait till the trauma of this little episode sinks in.

The whole thing reminds me of when a fraternity party gets raided by the cops, and the risk manager goes stumbling to the door, his confidence in neutralizing the situation unfettered by his violent hammeredness.

“Everybodyy just caaalllllm down. Jusss caaaallmm down sshhhh. I got this shit cuz I’m mufuckinn risk. Manager. Bitches.”

Then, he gets canned while everyone else sprints out the back door. The risk manager is really more of a sacrificial lamb to appease the police than he is a manager, come to think of it. Unless you have a risk manager who insists on staying sober the whole time and bitches at you for “freaking girls out because you’re too drunk,” or “urinating on the floor.” Yeah, okay, Kevin. Whatever.

[via KRQE News]

Image via KRQE News

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