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Wisconsin Frat Guy Creates GoFundMe So He Can Rage One Last Time For Graduation

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Wisconsin Fraternity Man Creates GoFundMe So He Can Rage One Last Time For Graduation

College graduation parties are your one last hoorah before stepping foot into the real world (unless, of course, you’re a liberal arts major and are stepping foot back into the basement of your parents’ home). I made the mistake of having a girlfriend when I graduated. She dragged me to her graduation party full of her sorority sisters. On the surface, it sounds like fun to be in a room surrounded by sorority girls, but all they are doing is shrieking, crying, and hugging. Not my cup of tea. I needed hard drugs, and I needed them quick.

One University of Wisconsin grad wants to go out with a bang, possibly both figuratively and literally. Unfortunately, he’s spent the last four years burning all his money at the bars, on fraternity dues, and, more than likely, a stripper or two. He’s graduating broke, but still wants to party. He decided the best way to go was crowdfunding because it’s a great place to raise money for random stuff.

From GoFundMe:

I’ll be finishing college with a single digit balance in my checking account, no more savings, no job (yet), and a mountain of student debt. Despite all that, I still feel like I should celebrate in a way fit for the occasion, and in Madison that means hitting the bars like everyone was hoping Mayweather and Pacquaio would hit each other.

To do that, I’ll need a slush fund. Currently, I could only afford one (1) Miller Light, and I couldn’t afford to tip (Sorry, Liz. You’ll just have to accept my love, even though we both know you never will). The fascists over at Kickstarter denied my fundraiser idea because they thought it was “unrealistic,” “selfish,” and “dumb.” They may be right about two of those things, but my friends that know me know that when it comes to bar spending, I’m anything but selfish when I have the money. Basically, I’m hoping a few kind strangers will help allow me to go out and be a degenerate for the last night that it’s socially acceptable. Help me enjoy the night with my friends and drink to forget the bad times, remember the good, and commemorate four great years and a piece of paper.


All he’s looking to raise is $75, which equates to a shit ton of drinks at a college bar. He’s either setting the bar high or really low. He’s only $20 away from hitting his goal. If you’re looking to be the philanthropic gentleman that you are, help fellow Greek out by donating here.

It’s kind of genius to get others to pay for your night out. Taking a page out of a hedge fund manager’s book by using other people’s money to support your gaudy lifestyle.

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