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Money talks, and you have none. Sounds like quite the predicament for you. Sucks to suck. You’ll never get the attention of the eights, nines, and tens at the bar. What’s it like not getting any? Fortunately for you, DraftKings is here to help put you on top with a shot at winning $5,000.

Enter $50,000 Contest NOW FOR FREE

This is a special contest just for TFM where you can enter for a shot at the top prize of $5,000 in their PGA $50K Mini Main Event contest. There are so many things you can do with that cash: make it rain at the strip club, rent out a bar and only invite every hot chick at school, or buy me for a weekend.It’s so easy to understand the rules on DraftKings that even I can play, and I have multiple learning disorders.

You’re given $50,000 in cap space to put together a 6-golfer team that will score the most fantasy points. That’s it. BOOM. You can win big now.

Enter The Contest NOW FOR FREE

If this is your first time on DraftKings, your entry is COMPLETELY FREE. If you’ve been crushing DraftKings like I have, then it’s only $2 to enter. Instead of buying that lotto scratch off, spend your $2 more wisely here. First place in the PGA $50K Mini Main Event contest will take home $5,000 in cold hard cash. That’s enough money to impress Katie, the hot blonde in your math class. She’ll be going down on you in no time.

Sign up now before the contest fills and earn your shot at $5,000 or forever be the guy who has zero friends.

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