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Win A Free Snoop Dogg Concert For Your University

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Snoop Dogg has always walked this bizarre line of being publicly accepted by mainstream America yet simultaneously keeping it G for years. He could make an appearance on “The View,” then go to the strip club and drop dolla dolla bills on some strippers and we’d think nothing of it. He’s been in the rap game so long that oftentimes, we forget just how masterful he is at the craft. Take it from someone who has seen him live multiple times, Snoop is still a motherfucking performer. Now, thanks to Tilt, you’ll have a chance to see Snoop D-O-double-G for yourself.

So you may wonder, “How exactly do we make this free concert happen?” It’s easy, really.

  1. Download the Tilt iOS app:the easiest way to pool money with your friends for free. Need to get a beer fund going for a party? Collecting money for your spring break excursion? How about that fantasy football league? Yeah, you get the point. No longer will you have to chase down deadbeat friends for checks or cash. It’s simple and makes friendly transactions infinitely easier.
  2. Get your boys, girlfriends, and even that kid you always get forced to work with in group projects to download Tilt. Each download gets your school 10 points closer to the Snoop concert.
  3. Have a banger and use Tilt to collect the party fund. No longer will you have to chase down people asking them to throw down for beer, and your school will get 20 points.
  4. Earn 50 points when your goal is met. Proceed to party.
  5. Raise the most points in the country to be victorious.
  6. Kick back and enjoy the show.

Texas Tech currently leads with close to 50,000 points, but the school should be easy to catch. Tilt a rager with 200 attendees (200 app downloads + 200 contributions + one tilted campaign = 6,050 points). Rinse. Repeat.

You can view the leaderboard here.

Y’all got this. Do it for Snoop.

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