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Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

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Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election is heating up and heating up fast. Monday’s debate gave us a nice look into both Hillary and Donald and their stances on the important issues. It quickly turned into who could talk the loudest and who could insult the other the most. In that regard, Donald put Hillary in a body bag. While moderator Lester Holt was trying to damper his “talent” with the success of a first-grade teacher in rundown neighborhood, the rest of America was debating in their mind who they would be voting for.

There is a lot to look at when deciding a candidate. Who is going to supply the economy with a policy that will lead to long-term growth, increase jobs for the middle class, and make this country as tax efficient as possible. Foreign policy and combating ISIS is also a pressing need that this country needs right now. Lots of things to research to make an informed decision. We need someone who is going to do all of these things and make America great again.

So in an effort to make that informed decision of who I am going to vote for, I hit the books. I did some extensive research trying to find something that would give me, and America an edge. Out of all the books I went through, the one I found most useful was the sports book. I spotted Trump at a respectable number on sportsbook and headed over to my site, Bovada, to get some action.


Yes, that’s right. The Trumpster is a +200 underdog right now in the race. If I have a chance to double my money, that guy is going to get my vote every single time. Who would vote for Hillary knowing that she’s only paying out $0.36 on the dollar? I thought she was trying to get rid of the wage gap. Pretty easy to see here that Trump is willing to pay out more. Wake up people. Hillary is at it again with her lying ways. Think about the economics of this decision. You are doubling your money by betting on Trump to win, and then following it up with a vote for Donald. With Hillary, you’re basically losing money by voting for her. Do you want to lose money or double your money? That’s what I thought.

Now, Gary Johnson sits in the “other” category, and while I believe he deserves more recognition than he’s getting, I just can’t put money on him. That’s like putting money in your favorite team to win the championship even though they are sitting with one loss and have a very slim chance to make it to the playoff. You’re just losing money at that point. We live in a money-in, money-out world. The name of the game is to take the money out of your bookie’s wallet and into yours.

So everyone get out there and vote for Trump because a vote for Donald is a vote for my bank account, and yours too if you get in on the action.

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Harrison Lee

The Boulevard is a Content Manager for Grandex, Inc. He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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