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Why I’m Not Voting In Today’s Election

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2016 election

Editor’s note: This column was emailed to us by an anonymous college student and does not necessarily reflect the views of TFM or its writers. We present it to you, unedited, below.


Coming from someone who thinks that kneeling for the national anthem in protest is about as pointless as a Baylor sexual harassment seminar, this is something I support. Many of Americans’ will not agree, I understand you may be one of them, but I refuse to participate in the abhorrent election cycle we have come to know and love as our presidential election.

To say that my vote doesn’t count will sound like a conspiracy theory that is shouted over and over again, but I truly believe that it does not. One, the president is not elected by the people. Shocker, right? The president is decided by the electoral college that is not bound to follow the popular vote. The electoral college was created with the sole intent of not allowing mob vote to completely change the nation. How else would career politicians and professional crooks maintain their grip on the American people?

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. Not only because she is a criminal, whether it be the mishandling of classified government material, not only for her blatant disregard of morality in regards to profiting off “non-profit” organizations, but because she represents the ideology that I have come to loathe. That I should vote for Hillary Clinton because she is so obviously ‘over-qualified’ for the job. Hillary Clinton is a politician that has taken advantage of her constituency by keeping both a private and a public opinion on many matters. Who can truly tell where she stands.

I will not vote for Donald Trump. Trump has been successful, yes, but he has also had many failures that he refuses to accept. What will happen when he advocates for a bill in his first year as president, just to find out that it was not a success. Will he stand at the podium and tell us all that he did not support it? That is exactly what every politician does. He is not separate from the establishment, instead he is in bed with the exact same people that his campaign drives against, and is behind an elaborate guise. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both share this trait.

I will not vote. At all. Because year after year we cast our vote for a candidate belonging to the political duopoly that has gotten us into this mess. Republican, Democrat, hell even Libertarian alike have done nothing to further this great nation. Congress is nothing more than a gaggle of squabbling idiots vying to gain control of their own interests. They seek to further themselves, fatten their wallets, and continue to tarnish the great name that is The United States of America.

I don’t expect this letter to change your mind. Hell, I expect to receive some great and hilarious response about how I’m doing nothing to change how all of this operates. By voting for the “lesser of two evils” I am still voting for evil. I can’t in good faith vote in this election.

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