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Why Female Orgasms Matter

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The female orgasm is a mysterious beast. Even for women, the pound-train to O-Town is unpredictable and misunderstood. Science says close to 80 percent of them struggle to achieve it, and as many as 30 percent report never having one at all. Why, as a dude, should you be concerned about your women getting their taco turned? Because understanding the female orgasm is one of the central foundations to conquering your world sexually and becoming a god among men.

1. Know where it comes from and why it happens.

It’s obvious from evolution why men get off when they nut. You need the man to like sex in order to put up with a woman long enough to have children. But there’s no evolutionary benefit to women getting their marbles cracked. A recent study proposes that the female orgasm evolved originally as a means to ovulate, changed to being more difficult to achieve when humans started living in social groups with easy access to one another. Now, when women orgasm, they release massive amounts of oxytocin in their brains, otherwise known as the “love chemical” in mammals.

The Edge:

When lesser men debate if something even exists and that thing involves having sex with women, you should know what it is.

Understanding orgasms gives you a massive advantage. Oxytocin has powerful, brain-changing effects in mammals. Basically, if you can make her come, you can conquer any woman.

2. Know how to make it happen.

The female orgasm is really tough to set off, even for someone like you that knows what they’re doing. Obviously, it’s linked to clitoral stimulation. The clit is anatomically very similar to the penis, and it’s actually where the man-hammer develops from in babies. But what you might not know is that the female orgasm is only about 20 percent physical stimulation. The other 80 percent is entirely mental and requires a woman to feel special, safe, and valued by her partner. Get her comfortable and go for the clit or the G Spot, a nerve-heavy area about two inches inside and up her love tunnel.

You know you’ve done it right when she stops talking and goes to sleep.

The Edge:

If your girlfriend is giving you grief because you always seem to take care of yourself before her, tell her that the 80 percent mental means she really has to participate in the process. She’s not going to get off the way she really wants to unless she puts in the effort. When she does, it happens fast and happens deep. I just saved you twenty minutes of tedious bean flicking. You’re welcome.

3. Women talk about their orgasms

So at this point, you’re probably still wondering why you should care. You storm across campus in a rage of one night stands and don’t give a shit what happens after you hit it and quit it. This might work fine for Tinder bumps, but by not giving your classier dates earth-shattering panty busters you’re missing out on a world of sexual opportunity.

Sorority women in particular (the cream of the crop of campus lays) are incredibly intimate with each other. You give one of them the ride of her life, you can bet your ass all her sisters are going to know about it in the morning. Suddenly your phone starts blowing up.

The Edge:

Do I have to explain why you want to be known around Panhellenic as the guy who gives the best orgasms on campus? Come on.

Next time you go to hook up, take a few extra minutes and some exotic lube to make it special and different for the girl. She’s going to come, she’s going to remember it, and you’re on your way to bagging some more premium game. Just be careful not to get tied down too early.

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