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Who’s This Blonde Chick That Shacked With AJ McCarron?

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In short, she’s a conniving attention monger.

Margaret Wood is the name of the girl that spent Saturday night at AJ McCarron’s house while his current girlfriend and America’s sweetheart, Katherine Webb, was out of town. According to Wood, she and McCarron go way back, but only as friends, even though she admits, per Radar Online, “I’ve kissed AJ, but it’s not a big deal.”

Thanks for sharing this detail, Wood. It’s an interesting bit of voluntary, candid, yet totally unnecessary information to reveal by someone who, according to her, is annoyed by the attention she’s getting, and one that feels “really bad” about staying the night with the Bama QB.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.23.35 AM

I’m sure you’re so annoyed, Marg. Or can I call you ThaSwagPrincess?

Wood explains that her connecting flight was canceled, leaving her stuck in Tuscaloosa for the night. That’s when she met up with McCarron, evidently went out on the town, got drunk, then ended up back at his place with some friends.

The two were reunited this Saturday, when Margaret’s flight from L.A. to Memphis had a stopover in Tuscaloosa, and the connecting flight was cancelled. “I was having a really bad day,” she says. “The guy I was dating, Aaron Judge, who just got drafted for the Yankees, and I had just broken up. My connecting flight to Memphis was cancelled so I was drinking in Tuscaloosa. with some friends and AJ met up with us.

Oh, your ex-boyfriend was drafted by the Yankees? I’m really glad you shared that tidbit with us. Without it, we were all left to believe you used to date some Joe Schmo jackass from off the street. But a Yankees draftee? Now we’re starting to get somewhere.

Here she is with McCarron:

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.24.10 AM

She spent the night.

“We were hanging out at his house, and I had been drinking, so he didn’t want me to drive,” Maxim hometown hottie contestant Margaret Wood tells exclusively. “I did not stay at a hotel. That’s all I can say. I’m trying to be careful about what I say because I feel really bad.”

I think you’ve said plenty, actually.

A little background on Ms. Wood would indicate that not only is she unaffected by this “negative” attention she’s receiving, but she is likely revelling in it. Her trade is that of an aspiring soft core smut model, even appearing in a Playboy’s Girls of the SEC edition. Attention is what she’s all about, her ticket to success. It’s why she spoke to reporters about the story, offered up the quick anecdote about swapping spit with McCarron, got all atwitter about her night in Tuscaloosa, and why she posted this tweet during the height of this breaking story:

This chick is so transparent I can’t stand it. She’s humble-bragging on a ridiculous scale to catalyze this otherwise uninteresting story, and she’s leaving a trail of collateral damage behind her.

Is she even hot? You tell me.

[via Radar Online]

Images via Model Mayhem, AP


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