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Whoever Was Running HuffPost College’s Social Media Last Night Might Be A Complete Moron

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I was scrolling through my Facebook feed late last night, partly out of boredom, partly hoping a couple of attractive girls I know who are vacationing in East Asia had posted some swimsuit pics from whatever Thai beach they were vacationing on (they hadn’t), when I came across an update from The Huffington Post’s college section. The update was a link to a story out of Texas Tech, a story that I had actually considered reporting a few days ago but decided against because, while it certainly had a quality “HOLY SHIT” factor going for it, there wasn’t much that was actually funny to say about it, as the story is as tragic as it is insane.

Before we get into HuffPost College’s ridiculous post, the story they were talking about goes like this: A 14-year-old west Texas kid was playing hide-and-seek with friends in the pre-dawn hours on Texas Tech’s campus a few days ago. As he was running during the game, he either wasn’t looking or couldn’t see, and ran into a statue of a bull, impaling himself on its horn. The horn went straight through his chest, killing him.

CRAZY, right? The story is a few days old, so when HuffPost College’s Facebook account linked to it last night, it wasn’t exactly breaking news. Still, the post caught my eye. Whichever intern or peon social media employee over at HuffPost wrote this status out might want to think twice before the next time put an emoji in an official post.

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 11.08.49 AM

A young boy died a painful, freak, tragic death…SAD FACE!!!!!!!!!

Real smooth, HuffPost. Really there’s a whole spectrum of emotions one could be feeling at this story, why stop at just a normal sad face? Here are a few more emoticons I think The Huffington Post should have used to, you know, convey their feelings about a teenager being impaled on a bull statue.

Sad crying face: :'(

Shocked face: :O

Winking clown (to cheer up the family of the impaled teen): <@;) Any other suggestions for which emoticons The Huffington Post should have used to properly convey the emotion of a teenager being brutally killed in a freak accident? Leave them in the comments. [via Facebook]


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