Whiskey And Bud Light Dominate As America’s Favorite Ways To Get Hammered

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The two-story Fireball bong. TFM.

The results are in and America’s favorite beer and liquor have been chosen.

The drinking social app BARTENDr gathered data from its 700,000 users to determine the most popular beer and liquor drinks by state.

An overwhelming 42 states selected whiskey as their favorite liquor, with Jack Daniels and Fireball listed as the favorite brands.

Bud Light reigns as the king of beers, with 33 states selecting it. Blue Moon, Corona, Guinness, Heineken, and Pabst Blue Ribbon are also popular.

There’s no denying the accuracy of this data. Fireball is fucking delicious. I used to stumble around house parties with a handle of the cinnamony-sweet nectar, slurping it straight from the bottle and asking girls if they wanted a pull. They would say no. Not because Fireball isn’t amazing, but because I weirded them out (one of my eyes gets smaller than the other when I’m real drunk on Fireball – my brothers referred to this as the “Boosh eye”).

Jack is another favorite of mine, whether I’m splashing it on the rocks or mixing it with some Coke, but I still put it below Fireball on my list (gives you less bang for your buck).

It also makes sense that Bud Light (presented by TFM) is at the top of the list. Shit’s so damn good. The only thing that could make a BL better is if it’s wrapped in a TFM beer sleeve — buy yours here!

Here’s the full breakdown, state by state.

State: Top Beer Brand, Top Liquor Brand

Alaska: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Alabama: Bud Light, Fireball

Arkansas: Bud Light, Evan Williams

Arizona: Blue Moon, Fireball

California: Blue Moon, Jack Daniels

Colorado: Bud Light, Bacardi

Connecticut: Corona, Patron

Delaware: Bud Light, Crown Royal

Florida: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jack Daniels

Georgia: Corona, Jack Daniels

Hawaii: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Iowa: Bud Light, Fireball/Captain Morgan/Jagermeister

Idaho: Bud Light, Evan Williams

Illinois: Coors/Guinness, Jameson

Indiana: Corona/PBR/Heineken, Patron/Jagermeister/Crown Royal

Kansas: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Kentucky: Bud Light, Crown Royal/Jager

Louisiana: Bud Light, Crown Royal

Massachusetts: Bud Light, Hennessy

Maryland: Bud Light, Svedka/Fireball

Maine: Budweiser, Fireball

Michigan: Bud Light, Jim Beam

Minnesota: Budweiser, Fireball

Mississippi: Bud Light, Fireball

Missouri: Bud Light, Fireball

Montana: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

North Carolina: Heineken, Jack Daniels

North Dakota: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Nebraska: Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale, Fireball

New Hampshire: Bud Light, Fireball

New Jersey: Bud Light/Corona, Fireball/Patron

New Mexico: Bud Light, Fireball

New York: Blue Moon, Hennessy

Nevada: Bud Light, Crown Royal

Ohio: Bud Light, Jack Daniels/Fireball

Oklahoma: Bud Light, Crown Royal

Oregon: Bud Light, Jose Cuervo

Pennsylvania: Guinness, Jameson

Rhode Island: Bud Light, Fireball

South Carolina: Bud Light, George Dickel

South Dakota: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Tennessee: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Texas: Corona, Jack Daniels

Utah: Polygamy Nitro Porter, Jack Daniels

Virginia: Bud Light, Grey Goose

Vermont: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Washington: Bud Light, Fireweed/Patron

Wisconsin: Bud Light, Captain Morgan

West Virginia: Bud Light, Jack Daniels

Wyoming: Bud Light, Fireball


[via WTOP]

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