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Whiny Vegan Couple Charged Extra For Making A Restaurant Use Their Pasta

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We all know the type of vegan or vegetarian on campus or around the community, handing out leaflets that reveal cows with broken legs and factory farmed chickens. They’re the kind of people that generally like to lord their superior diet over you, as if by eating no meat and using no meat products, they are a superior strain of human. As demonstrated in this article, the only superiority comes from their level of douchiness, which could be seen from the dark side of the moon in the middle of a solar eclipse.

To start off, the douche-vegan in this restaurant dispute calls every restaurant to make sure they can take his box of pasta to the kitchen and cook it, which requires special effort from one of the cooks to get it done. He claims to have previously, at the restaurant in question, been charged only 12 dollars for his and his wife’s pasta dishes, but on the night in question was charged 24 dollars each, based on a policy change by the owner. Reasonable, yes? It’s 12 dollars.

They just wanted him to pay full price for the entree. The entire thing spirals out of control, the owner talks to him, and eventually the police are called. The police. Over 24 dollars for a custom dinner order.

We really should have seen this coming, though. The order card looks like something you would ask a seven-year-old to fill out to place an order.


“Extra extra extra” everything? If you have to add three extras in your order, just change it to “a fuckton of” and be done with it. It’s a more precise measurement.

Monticello owner Giambalzo said she always tries to make the customer happy, and she disagreed with Litsky’s recounting of events.

“We don’t even have $12 pasta on the lunch menu,” she said.

She said Litsky must be mistaken about what he’d been charged in the past, and that the restaurant doesn’t usually customize orders, especially on busy weekends.

Giambalzo said she offered to sell the pasta dishes for $20 each, but then she wouldn’t honor the $50 off coupon, which she said isn’t valid with customized dishes.

Litsky said she never made such an offer.

Giambalzo then said the police were called because Litsky refused to pay the entire bill, not just for the pasta dishes in question.

Plus, she said, she didn’t understand why Litsky disputed the entire bill with American Express if there were only two dishes in question. She planned to dispute the dispute, adding in a police report for good measure.

Litsky said there must be a mistake.

“I told American Express twice I’m only contesting $12, which is the difference between what I paid last time and what she wanted us to pay,” he said. “I was unequivocal and emphatic. It would be ridiculous to dispute the entire bill because four other people enjoyed their meals.”

Jesus Christ, man. It’s 24 dollars and a bunch of pasta. Get some perspective on things. Vegans with superiority complexes — one of the many reasons we can’t have nice things.



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