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Whiny GDIs Angry That ΑΧΩ Wasn’t Punished For “Offensive” Pictures, Even Though They Sort Of Were

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Recently, the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at Cal State San Marcos created some controversy by dressing up as “Cholas,” or Latina gang members, and taking pictures of said offensive costumes. By “created controversy,” I mean they did that, and then other people, presumably students with nothing better to do, actually created the controversy. Why? What’s life if you aren’t bitching about something, amiright? Pretty standard. Never mind the fact that several of the Alpha Chi girls who were dressed as Cholas were actually Latina. “Fuck it! We’re offended anyway!” Shouted the small number of students who actually cared about this.*

*Ed. Note: Probably.

The university, while disappointed in the sorority members’ actions, did not punish the sorority. Apparently there exists within the Cal State San Marcos administration a rational voice.

“Behaviors that violate our values don’t always violate our rules,” Cathy Baur, associate vice president for communications at CSU-San Marcos, told The Huffington Post, in explaining why the sorority members would not face sanctions.

Is it sad that I consider that amazing?

Anyway, students at Cal State San Marcos were NONE TOO HAPPY that the school decided to operate by the rules. It’s really unfair, how fair they’re being, you guys.

In response, offended students and faculty held a sit-in outside the university president’s office on Thursday. The group said they were also staging the sit-in as a response to some hateful graffiti and other incidents. You see how laid back the Cal State San Marcos administration is? They didn’t even mind a group of goobers sitting in the president’s office all day. To be fair, the graffiti at least sounds like a legitimate concern. But what was the point of the sit-in? What were these protesters hoping to accomplish? Actually the article doesn’t really say. No one said. They just sort of showed up, I guess?

Funny thing is, despite not officially punishing Alpha Chi Omega, the university is still taking action.

Spokeswoman Margaret Lutz said the university is now planning to start sensitivity training for fraternities, sororities and other student organizations, adding civility and diversity components to student orientation and creating a network for reporting on-campus bias.

Trust me, outraged liberals of Cal State San Marcos, sensitivity and diversity training IS a punishment. I’ve been to plenty of corporate incarnations, those meetings are hell. You could be the biggest proponent of diversity in the world and I’m pretty sure that after twenty minutes of a diversity seminar you would still lose the will to live. Just ask Corporate Cutler:


Along with the new training initiative, the university also held an open forum on the issue. So at this point, what more do you want, really? The university followed the rules, listened to the concerns of its student and faculty population in an open forum, and then took the initiative by making Greek Life go through sensitivity training. So seriously, what else do you want? Oh, to just keep complaining? Got it.

[via KPBS]


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