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What A Girl Is Like In Bed Based On Where She Studied Abroad

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A rite of passage for most college juniors, the study abroad is meant to broaden perspectives, expand horizons, and expose students to other cultures. In reality, it’s a semester of bullshit classes and wasting money on weekend trips to cities that won’t be remembered in 3 years time. It’s an excuse for underaged college students to legally get piss drunk and experience a proper nightlife scene. And let’s not forget the social media harpies who feed off the endless number of throwback photos that will surely be captioned “take me back”, “wishing I was back (insert fun activity) at (cool picturesque location)”, or “my heart is forever in (a place they spent less than one week in).” Without a doubt, girls will talk about their study abroad experience, at length, whenever they can. When your potential slam for the night starts rambling on about her short time overseas, pay attention to where exactly she spent it and learn what’s in store for you later than night.

English Speaking

This girl is lazy as fuck. She still wants to make you think highly of her and impress you, but she isn’t really trying that hard to do so. You won’t catch her on top for longer than 5 minutes. She’s also probably going to tell you she likes when a guy is dominant and takes charge, but she really just wants you to make all the decisions and tell her what to do so she doesn’t have to think too hard or pay too much attention. A boring slam, she would make a good fallback option if you can’t find anything else late on a Friday night.

Western Europe

An overeager but unoriginal slam, she is going to bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the deed, but she won’t bring anything really creative to the table. She’s not afraid to jump around to different areas but they’re all very predictable moves — bed, shower, or desk. Her friends are tired of hearing about all of her sexual adventures — as if she’s the first person to ever have shower sex. She’s a great morning sex slam, because who does morning sex anymore? She’s so unique for actually agreeing to morning sex. At least, that’s what you’ll tell her to convince her to hop on your dick at 8:30 a.m.

The Jungle

She is a freak in the sheets and possibly one in the streets as well. Open minded and willing to explore, she’s everything Western Europe thinks she is, except the Jungle really gets down. Not afraid of getting dirty, she embraces a sweaty body and all the effort that goes into it. A fan of the climb, but truly appreciative of the peak, she’s flexible between a quickie or a marathon-style session. This is a great, reliable slam that it always up for anything and everything.

Never Went Abroad

This poor soul is suffering from an awful case of Fear Of Missing Out, and she wants to make up for it in any way that she can. While her friends are all sipping wine, climbing mountains, and pretending to follow the Premier League, she’s stuck on campus in classes she hates without her usual crew. Determined to make sure she is having as many adventures as her friends, this girl is going to be outrageously open to threesomes, anal, and any other kink you want to try and bring up.

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