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Western Kentucky Coach Celebrates International Women’s Day By Calling Sideline Reporter “Honey”

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rick stansbury

Getting into trouble online seems to be a fate befalling just about every straight, white male these days. But in the moments following Western Kentucky’s 98-70 victory over UAB yesterday, it seemed like there was little WKU coach Rick Stansbury could do to have that happen to him.

Somehow he managed it though, by referring to sideline reporter Laura Britt as “honey” after she asked him a question about their upcoming match-up against Old Dominion, a team that the Hilltoppers have beaten twice this year.

Britt didn’t seem to appreciate the remark all that much, especially considering that it came on International Women’s Day and all.

Of course, this story couldn’t die without a few brave tweeters throwing in their two cents. Cue the white knight calvary! *Bugle sound

Being raised in the Midwest where people are just a little bit more direct, I’ve never gotten the whole “southern charm” thing. Words like “honey” or “sweetie” or phrases like “bless your heart.” I can never tell if the folks saying that shit are being serious or condescending.

Now, considering Stansbury threw in a not-so-subtle eye roll and seemed generally pissed off by the question’s premise, there was definitely a little bit of stank on that “honey.” To be fair, starting off a question with “not sure if you know this yet” maybe isn’t the best intro, but hey, I’m no reporter.

Was it cool for Rick to treat Laura like she was a waitress at the Cracker Barrel? Probably not. Does it deserve the backlash it’s getting? Also probably not. But hey, it’s 2018. May as well milk this story for all it’s worth, right?

[via Twitter/@NoahCoslov]

Image via Twitter/@NoahCoslov

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