UPDATE: West Virginia Phi Psi Was Kicked Off Campus For Allegedly Curb Stomping A Pledge, Except They Didn’t

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Curb stomping? That seems, uh, excessive. How many meetings was the pledge late for, exactly? Five? Six!?! Or was he just mouthy? MOUTHY PLEDGES GET THEIR JAWS BROKEN THE FUCK OFF UNTIL THEY LEARN RESPECT!

You know what? It doesn’t matter what the reason might have been. One would think that people would be smart enough not to get their hazing ideas from American History X. Regardless, this rumor is, as far as can be determined so far, totally unconfirmed, which is very, very important to note. In fact a tip like this, one without any sort of confirmation, is normally one that we would disregard.

WVU’s Phi Kappa Psi was kicked off campus for 4 and a half years for curb stomping a pledge and breaking his jaw which led to multiple stitches and a possible law suit from the family

Usually I file tips like that away with other outrageous claims such as, “XYZ pledges had to rub their bodies in Chipotle barbacoa and fight malnourished dobermans” or, “ABD pledges had to shave each others pubes into the shape of their letters and then bake the discarded pubes into a pie and then eat that pie, and they weren’t allowed to garnish the pies with whipped cream. :(”

While it’s far from certain that a curb stomping occurred in Morgantown, aside from the regular West Virginia moonshine turf war assassination, Phi Psi was definitely kicked off campus. Some pretty salty tweets from their members confirm as much.

“We crush pussy AND skulls, bro!”

Not sure where the curb stomping rumor came from, aside from possibly reality, but it is definitely out there.

Also, not that this makes it in any way official, but the curb stomping allegation is on the Phi Psi Wikipedia page.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.29.54 PM

Really impressive to see how on the ball people are with Wikipedia updates.

Though it’s not certain if any pledge was actually curb stomped or not, certain tweets from the chapter’s official Twitter account give the impression that these guys might not be the brightest bunch.

Funny, but not bright.

If you have any more information feel free to send it through our tip line.


We’ve received quite a few emails since posting this story, both from WVU Phi Psi members and other WVU students. The general consensus is no, they did not “curb stomp” a pledge, but yes, they were kicked off for hazing. The suspension, which the original tipster informed us was for four years, is actually for two and half years, though supposedly that punishment was reduced from a larger amount of time (sources have it between four and five years).

The important thing to take away is that no one was actually curb stomped. However, what at first seemed like a bad rumor created by ridiculous speculation now appears to be more like a vicious lie potentially started by a bitter, blackballed pledge. Several members of Phi Psi have sent TFM pictures of the supposedly curb stomped pledge in the hospital and he doesn’t exactly look all that curb stomped.


Remind me again, how easy is it to eat McDonald’s after you’ve had your jaw ripped off its hinges by a concrete curb and a swift kick to the back of the head? Not very, you say? Oh.

That reminds me of the part in The Royal Tenenbaums when Danny Glover confronts Gene Hackman for lying about having stomach cancer.

I know what stomach cancer looks like. I’ve seen it. And you don’t eat three cheeseburgers a day with french fries if you got it. The pain is excruciating.

Pretty much the same thing.

Of all the emails we received, the vast majority of which offered relatively the same explanation, this one seemed to be the simplest and most believable.

It’s true we’re getting kicked off campus for hazing but its for 2.5 years not 4.5 and its NOT for curb stomping. Come one man, who in their right mind would ever do that? You have to be one really sick minded individual to pull that off.


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