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Weed Keurigs Will Apparently Be A Thing Soon

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Do you need a cup of joe every morning? A hot mug of coffee to kickstart your brain so you can make the day your bitch? If so, you’re not alone; it’s obviously pretty common. That’s why Keurigs exist. A machine that basically makes your coffee for you and does most of the work in a matter of minutes.

Well, some modern day burnout Einstein decided that the world apparently needs a Keurig for weed, and it’s coming soon. A somewhat simple machine for a speedy wake and bake.

Do you want your weed in a hurry? Maybe you’re late for something (work, class, a Greek orgy) and you want a quick hit before you hit the road, but you don’t wanna roll a joint or a blunt and don’t feel like packing a bowl or a bong. Maybe you’re just a lazy bastard. Well, either way this machine is for you.

Now that weed is slowly but surely becoming more and more legal throughout the country, my guess is we’ll be seeing some cool and weird-ass innovations popping up to enhance and alter your experiences when you go on a date with Mary Jane.

The product is made by a company called CannaKorp Inc. and it’s a large white plastic marijuana vaporizer. You breathe the ganja in through a canister using small single-use pods.

It’s called the Cannacloud. Check out the video below.

Welcome to the future, you dirty hippies.

Image via Youtube

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