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Watch This Adult Protester Lose Her Mind Like A 5 Year Old After Wisconsin’s Electors Finalize Their Trump Votes

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Jeez. Whose shopping cart bumped into your parked Subaru, lady? Calm down.

True story: “You don’t deserve to be in America” is only cool to yell if you’re liberal, apparently. What a gloriously ironic thing for an anti-Trumper trying to make a point to shout.

This is just sad, really. If you don’t like the electoral college, that’s one thing. Without taking a stance one way or the other on it, I think it’s fair to say that there is legitimacy to those arguments. That said, the electoral college exists, and Trump won Wisconsin.

Essentially this woman is telling her fellow Wisconsinites that they’re committing some sort of dereliction of duty, if not an outright betrayal of democracy, by not totally ignoring how the majority of the citizens of their state voted, and instead telling the people of Wisconsin, “You were wrong, the people of California and New York were right, and we’re going to act in what they believe their interests are, instead acting in favor of what you believe your interests are, despite being your representatives.” And expressing all that via temper tantrum, no less.

I’m not a fan of Trump, but it’s pretty hard for me to square that logic. You don’t like Trump? Great. Stop screaming like a child and start finding real ways to work against him and the GOP. That’s how it works.

Oh, and the “Game of Thrones” shame chant needs to die. At this point I would consider a crowd “shame” chanting me an accomplishment. I’d laugh and happily soak it in.

There’s no such thing as adults.

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