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Walmart VP Hilariously Tears NYT Reporter’s Argument To Shreds

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Last week, Timothy Egan of The New York Times wrote an article entitled “The Corporate Daddy: Walmart, Starbucks, and the Fight Against Inequality.” Needless to say, by maliciously ripping apart Walmart and its treatment of poor, lower-wage, American workers, Egan alienated a couple people.

One of those people was the Vice President of Walmart Corporate Communications, David Tovar, who had a slightly different assessment of Egan’s article–and by “slightly different assessment,” I mean Tovar pulled apart Egan’s argument, piece by piece, in one priceless, passive-aggressive response.

Tovar starts with a quick note, just to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for sharing your first draft.

Great way to put down a NYT reporter whose article has already been published. Sharp, sarcastic, and to the point.

Below are a few thoughts to ensure something inaccurate doesn’t get published.
Hope this helps.

Borderline asshole-ish, actually.

The NYT article states Walmart is a “net drain on taxpayers.” Tovar’s response:

We are the largest tax payer in America. Can we see your math?

Just slightly bragging there, I see. Egan then implies that Walmart does little to help returning soldiers.

Did you know? Walmart has hired more than 42,000 veterans this year.

When the article states that Walmart claimed “the average full-time store worker makes at least $12 an hour,” Tovar replies like a smartass.

Be specific. Full time average associate wage is $12.91.

Tovar roles through, linking articles that favor Walmart, its management, and the company’s treatment of its employees in his notes. He points out the Walton family’s $1 billion plus in donations each year, Walmart’s promotion of 170,000 employees last year, and the fact that the company’s employees make an average of $1.50 above minimum wage. But he doesn’t stop there.

When Egan states that 28 percent of consumers have an unfavorable view of Walmart, Tovar just turns cocky.

Pretty sure any corporation, politician even media outlet would like to have a 72% favorability rating.

In short, Tovar’s response is direct, snide, and perfect. He’s a smug asshole, and I don’t hate it. He ends this shitshow of a response with some great advice:

Better idea for a piece. Could focus on bringing back U.S. manufacturing (Walmart is buying $250 billion in U.S. products over 10 years) and expanding education, training, and workforce development programs, i.e. things that will make a bigger difference, not just focusing on starting wages.

I would read that article.

[via IJ Review, Young Conservatives]

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