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VP Candidate Tim Kaine Promises To Bring Back The Mizzou-Kansas Border War

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Tim Kaine

I could not be more conflicted this election. I’m no Bible thumping, gun humping Republican, but I definitely consider myself more of a conservative than not. However, this election has been tough. The Republican Party has been somewhat hesitant to throw full support behind Donald Trump, and now I have to consider this: a real chance at the Mizzou-Kansas Border War coming back.

On Tuesday, Virginia senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine promised to bring back the greatest (yeah, I said it – Editor’s note by Dorn: El oh el) college athletics rivalry of all-time.

Kaine, a Mizzou grad who is also on record as a KU basketball supporter, could be the right guy to broker the deal considering his potential level of political power.

The Border War hasn’t been played since 2012 when Missouri bolted from the floundering Big 12 to join the SEC. Kansas wasn’t too happy about the move and has refused to play Missouri since. I assume that’s because their football team sucks so much that the SEC said “No thanks, we don’t play against grade-school talent here.” Sure, KU’s basketball team is great but nobody really cares.

If Kaine is actually able to resurrect the Border War, it’d be a major accomplishment for the college sports world. As I said earlier, the Border War is the greatest rivalry in college athletics (Again by Dorn: Come on, dude) because it’s all based on Civil War violence when fighters from Missouri BURNED DOWN AN ENTIRE DAMN CITY! In all, 56 people died. Sorry, Lawrence.

Here’s how a Sports Illustrated writer describes it, via the Mizzou Mag:

‘It’s the only rivalry in which you go from one generation where people were trying to kill each other to the next where people were playing football against each other,’ says [Mark] Godich, now a senior editor at Sports Illustrated. ‘You can’t say that about Texas-Oklahoma or Ohio State-Michigan. They’re great rivalries, too, but MU-KU had fathers who fought in the Civil War who watched their sons play football in 1891.’

So, yeah. The Border War needs to return. It’s way overdue.

If Tim Kaine is the guy to do it, even if I don’t agree with him openly rooting for KU, then I’m prepared to do what needs to be done: I’m voting Harambe/Kaine 2016.

[via Mizzou Mag]

Image via YouTube

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