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Videos Prove Donald Trump Used To Be A Cool, Non-Trollish Guy

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Before Donald Trump became a hypersensitive ass-hat trolling his way across the United States on a pseudo-campaign for the White House, the New York real estate mogul was a quieter, less hostile character.

Trump has caused quite a stir in the Republican party this year, with thousands of mouth-breathing supporters shouting “You’re fired!” as he’s rotated from campaign stop to campaign stop. He has severely aggravated the GOP while simultaneously delighting the Democratic Party. It’s become the kind of circus late night talk show hosts pray about before they go to sleep.

Personally, I like Donald Trump. The dude is funny. He is an amazing character who I sometimes feel is trolling an entire nation just because he can. Like Stephen Colbert, but using “real life” as his medium. He probably doesn’t even want to be President. Life for a billionaire is a hell of a lot easier when you aren’t constantly the center of attention. Politics aside, I think Trump is awesome. I envy Trump and respect the hell out of him.

I was curious about Donald Trump’s past so I did some quick Google searches. Not his childhood or anything, just stuff from the internet before he went full-blown Trump. I found a few videos of Donald in the ’80s that highlight his intelligence and ability to remain soft-spoken that I thought were worth sharing.

…And this is Donald Trump now:

What happened to this guy? The one who didn’t sell his soul to reality TV and lowest-common-denominator political tactics? It’s like, as the years went on for Trump, he gradually stopped caring about what other people thought of him.

The guy in those videos isn’t the same guy who just hands out the cell phone number of another presidential candidate because he thinks he’s a loser. By the way, here is a list of every person Trump has called a loser, courtesy of Macleans:

Alex Pareene, Gawker writer
Alex Salmond, Scottish politician
Ana Navarro, political commentator
Angelo Carusone, vice-president of Media Matters
Arianna Huffington, publisher
Barack Obama, U.S. President
Bill Maher, talk-show host
Bill Moyers, liberal activist
Brian Williams, former NBC News host
Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist
Cher, singer
Chris Cillizza, journalist
Chris Jackson, basketball player
Chris Moody, journalist
Chuck Hagel, former defence secretary
Chuck Todd, journalist
Danny Zuker, writer of Modern Family
Dave Centrist, unknown
David Cameron, British Prime Minister
David Milne, resident of Menie, Scotland
Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General
Frank Lutz, pollster
Gary, a numerologist in Cleveland
Gavin Rossdale, musician
George Will, columnist and author
Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair
Hisham Elzanaty, businessman
Jaqueline Goldberg, 87-year-old grandmother
Jay Leno, former talk-show host
Jeb Bush, Republican candidate
John Heilemann, journalist
John McCain, U.S. senator
Jon Stewart, comedian
Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review
Karl Rove, political strategist
Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC host
Lord Sugar, English business magnate
Mark Cuban, investor
Michael Forbes, Scottish farmer
Michelle Malkin, conservative blogger
Mike Tollin, documentary filmmaker
New York Daily News, newspaper
Philip Crowther, French journalist
Richard Belzer, actor
Rihanna, singer
Roger Federer, tennis player
Rosie O’Donnell, talk-show host
Russell Brand, actor
Ryan Matt, a guy in Phoenix
Salon, news website
Sasha Baron Cohen, actor and comedian
Seth Meyers, talk-show host
Sheena Monnin, former Miss Pennsylvania
Stevie Wonder, musician
Terry Pegula, Buffalo Bills owner
Tim O’Brien, novelist
Timothy Burke, Deadspin writer
Tom Scocca, Deadspin editor
Yolie, LGBT activist

While I admit it’s funny, why did Trump have to go and become a caricature? Trump was cool as advertised back in the day. Hell, if 1980s Trump was running for political office, I don’t see a scenario where he wouldn’t have won. Now it’s all about the show. That sucks, because he is clearly a smart guy.

Perhaps I’m reading too far into this, but it just seems like Trump has become a wasted talent. Maybe he has always been the way he is with the media, and that’s fine. It’s just not presidential. If not, if fame has soured him, then that’s a shame. He could have done some good for this country before he went and alienated 90 percent of the people in it.

Image via YouTube

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