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(VIDEO) Will Ferrell Leads USC’s Marching Band Because He Does Whatever He Wants

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At this point, I’m not sure if there’s any famous fraternity alumnus who is more TFTC than Will Ferrell, also known as the guy who once ushered a Lakers game, apropos of nothing, under the pseudonym “Ted Vagina.” Yes, there are alums like Matthew McConaughey who live an extremely carefree lifestyle, but there’s a difference between Will Ferrell’s hilariously unnecessary antics and McConaughey sitting shirtless inside a bedouin tent he had erected in the backyard of his Austin mansion, taking bong rips and writing songs on a didgeridoo.

The point is, Will Ferrell pretty much does whatever the hell he wants, and it’s amazing. He’s TFTC to perhaps unparalleled degrees. Because of that, it should come as no surprise that the Trojan and Delta Tau Delta alum showed up and led the USC marching band, in full Trojan warrior gear, at a Cancer for College event on USC’s campus. Granted, the appearance probably was not completely random. No doubt he was there to help a good cause. Even if the appearance wasn’t random, pretty much everything else Ferrell did probably was, as I assume most Will Ferrell bookings go something like this:

Talent Coordinator: Mr. Ferrell we’re so thrilled to have you appearing. What exactly do you have planned?

Will Ferrell: Nothing. I’m just gonna show up and do something. Don’t ask what, because I literally won’t know until about seven minutes before I’m supposed to do it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m driving a school bus this afternoon, bar backing a Bat Mitzvah this evening, and then working the graveyard security shift at a storage unit lot in Burbank. As a dog. I’ll be wearing a pit bull costume and patrolling the grounds on my hand and knees.

Talent Coordinator: …Why?

Will Ferrell: I have no idea.

So here’s Will Ferrell, just doing shit, because that’s mostly what he does at this point. Luckily, Will Ferrell “just doing shit” is typically great.

Even when Ferrell doesn’t do anything particularly funny, it’s funny. It’s almost as if he’s playing a joke on his audience by depriving them of jokes, of doing nothing more than standing there and looking sort of goofy, and that in itself, his refusal to try (or try hard) to be funny, is funny. That’s transcendent talent.


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