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VIDEO: University of Kentucky GDI Student Gov Candidates Mock Fraternities For Hazing During Debate

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Apparently a heated race is going on at the University of Kentucky for the student government presidency, with polls closing later today. The candidates, Scotty Stutts and Ryan Mosley, both GDIs, are running against the Greek ticket of Roshan Palli and Jake Ingram.

The issues being debated are, well, mostly things I don’t care about since I do not currently attending, nor have I never attended, the University of Kentucky. However, one interesting platform Stutts and Mosley are running on is their assertion that UK should be a wet campus.

From the Stutts/Mosley Campaign Facebook Page:

Student Safety Reform
I want to use the Student Government to pressure University officials to make UK a wet campus. By becoming a wet campus UK could lower its assault rate and make UK’s campus a safer community to drink and socialize on. After becoming a wet campus, students who drink socially wouldn’t have long, vulnerable walks away from campus late at night when they drink. A wet campus would be a safer, more communal campus. The wet reform would not a “free for all” or a loose cannon approach to drinking. It would be executed in a safe and responsible manner, and intends to increase campus safety. I have been pushing this issue, and it is finally getting some results. Turning back now may mean UK will not go wet for a long time.

Making any campus wet is a noble cause indeed, though Palli and Ingram contend that the current administration is already working on a wet campus initiative, so the platform is nothing new or groundbreaking, but rather more of a high school student council-esque “MORE PIZZA AT LUNCH!” tactic.

Regardless, the issue naturally came up during the debate, with one attendee asking the Stutts/Mosley camp whether or not making UK a wet campus would force students who don’t want to drink to partake in the awesomeness activity. Mosley’s response was, uh, interesting.

I don’t have the right, nor does anyone have the right to force alcohol down your throat. Unless you’re a pledge. – Ryan Mosley, GDI

HEY! That’s OUR word Ryan Mosley! That’s OUR word!

According to several UK students who were nice enough to email me, the quote was interpreted in a number of ways, ranging from a cheap joke attempting endear the GDI candidates to a largely Greek crowd, to a flat out insult against the UK Greek system. The crowd reaction is clearly mixed as well, with a spattering of laughter, both of the stunned and genuine variety, as well as some “ohhhhhssss” and an audible, shocked “WOW.”

My take? I’m leaning towards the former, if only because of the timid delivery of the “joke.” Regardless, it was pretty lame.

The race ends in a few hours, so if you happen to be a student at the University of Kentucky, go out and vote. Obviously TFM endorses the Palli/Ingram ticket, because we’re biased as shit.*

*The Palli/Ingram campaign does not necessarily endorse our endorsement, because we’re sort of terrible people.

Thanks to the numerous UK students who helped me out with this story.


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