VIDEO: Police Clash With Drunk Arizona State Students Rioting Over Pac 12 Championship Tickets

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At what point do we just find out that Arizona State is run by some kid drunk on Keystone Light, holding a conch shell? I don’t even want to know how many skulls Vontaze Burfict collected while he was there. A name like that sounds straight out of Thunderdome.

I feel like the conch shell scenario is possible, especially after the ASU administration’s most recent poor decision, that being to put Pac 12 Championship tickets on sale at the Wells Fargo Arena box office a mere FIFTEEN MINUTES after the end of ASU’s rivalry game against the University of Arizona. Yes, that’s an excellent idea, ASU. Put a bunch of blackout, frenzied, Arizona State students in a small space immediately after a victory over an aggressively hated rival. What could go wrong? Well, other than a riot.


One student was arrested and student ticket sales were suspended after police say students swarmed the ticket office on Saturday night.

A video shows ASU police trying to organize a crowd of ASU students who they say swarmed the ticket office Saturday night.

“The little white barriers were picked up, thrown over people, people were crowd surfing, chanting ‘We want Stanford’,” said Cameron.

In fairness, I’m giving Arizona State kids too much shit here. That would have happened at any school. Can you imagine what the Auburn box office would have looked like if SEC Championship tickets went on sale fifteen minutes after THAT game? There would have been more murders after the Iron Bowl than there were, well, murders after the Iron Bowl. That post-game is always pretty homicidal.

There are multiple cell phone videos of the incident, including this one, which shows an ASU student being tackled and arrested by police, and possibly tazed, as an angry crowd swarms about chanting “Bulllllshiiiittttt” and “Fuck the cops”.

Another video, shows a slightly less raucous angle.

Since the ticket sales quickly turned into a riot, it was only natural that the riot police were summoned.

It’s not really a rager at Arizona State until the riot police are called anyway.


h/t to @ChrisNicolee_


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