VIDEO: Idiot In Handcuffs Makes Run For It While Cops Are Busy Tasering Black Guy Outside Blind Pig Pub

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This is incredible. The fact that the cops are too busy tasering a black dude to notice another dude in cuffs making a run for it outside a bar called Blind Pig Pub is almost too perfect. BLIND PIG! The irony is so thick you can cut it with a fucking butter knife.

For the record, this is going down in Austin, Texas on 6th Street during South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, and is in no way surprising. Every year during SXSW, incredible footage like this is captured on camera, whether it’s an absurd knockout during a street brawl, or a prostitute trying to give a hipster a handjob for a slice of gluten free pizza.

There’s a lot to digest within this particular video, so we’ll just walk through it all together.

First off, this is almost definitely not the first time homeboy has run from the police. Look at that form. Sure, it takes him a second or two to get on his feet, because handcuffs and what I assume is a total lack of workout regimen, but once he’s up, he’s gone. Full sprint. No hesitation. I can almost hear his thoughts: “I ain’t goin’ back to jail. Fuck that. Peace, bitches.”

And for whatever reason, the cops could not give less of a shit. Some guy in the crowd is even shouting, “Homeboy’s running! Homeboy’s running!” and not one of the five cops attending to the two men on the ground, one of whom is being tasered, even bats an eye. Maybe they figure there’s no fucking way the tubby doofus in bright shorts is going to get far with his hands cuffed behind his back in broad daylight, but I wouldn’t count homeboy out, because homeboy is clearly determined to evade arrest.

Realistically, though, homeboy made it a block or two before being speared and repeatedly tasered by at least one member of the Austin Police Department. Those cops that work 6th Street do NOT play around. They will straight drop you and taser you into submission without even thinking twice.

UPDATE: A much improved version of the video has emerged. Enjoy.

Get it? Because it happened on 6th Street? God, we have so much fun laughing together.

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Ross Bolen

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