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(VIDEO) Farmhouse Pledges Fall Off Moving Pickup Truck, IN TRAFFIC, While Securing Homecoming Skit Props

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After I watched this video, all I really had to say was, “Holy shit, I hope everyone is okay.” Normally I would have laughed hysterically, but unfortunately, I was informed that one of the guys who fell is apparently in the hospital in some sort of critical condition. Our tipster claims he’s having brain surgery. No way to know if that’s true, though suffice it to say I really hope it’s not. Here’s the video:

The accident took place at the intersection of Stadium and Broadway (they were turning left onto Broadway) in Columbia, MO. Everyone in the truck was a member of Farmhouse fraternity, and according to our tipster, the guys in the truck bed with the homecoming skit props were pledges. Homecoming week at Mizzou features a number of competitions between Greek houses, one of which is a talent competition commonly referred to as skit. Essentially, each fraternity and sorority pairing puts on a 15 minute play based on various themes. Most schools have something similar at some point during the year.

While some might see the pledges being in the truck bed as hazing, and I’m sure there is an annoying ass who would LOVE to make that claim, I can basically guarantee it’s not, at least not in any sort of malicious sense whatsoever. It is, at best, hazing in only the most obnoxiously textbook of definitions. One seeking to make that claim would essentially have to follow the exact letter of the law with no regard for circumstance. Pledges are made to help with the gigantic production that is Mizzou’s homecoming, but usually the ones helping with skit or dance are doing so voluntarily. Most of the forced labor comes in the form of pomping. Any pledge smart enough to volunteer to help with skit (seriously, it’s SO much better than pomping) is there of their own accord. As far as being in the truck bed goes, it’s as likely they were put there because they were pledges as it is that they weren’t. As an active at Mizzou, I’ve sat in truck beds with props just like they did, often because I didn’t trust pledges with the props, because pledges are the worst.

First and foremost, I hope the brain trauma/brain surgery rumors aren’t true. If they are, I wish the kid a speedy recovery. I also hope no one tries to make more of this than it is, because all that happened was dumb kids being dumb, no matter who was involved.

Either way, I know Farmhouse is with Kappa this year, so here’s hoping the kid gets some quality Florence Nightingale effect ass. Ladies?


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