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(Video) Bill Self Hazes His Kansas Basketball Team, Old School Style

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As a University of Missouri graduate, it’s hard for me to give kansas any credit. In fact I don’t know that I’ve ever done it, so I’m not really sure how it even feels. That said, this video from the kU basketball team is actually…

(*hiccups, puts hand to mouth*)

Hmm, weird. Anyway, the video is actually funny…

(*gags, dry heaves*)

…and I really liked it…

(*starts uncontrollably seizing and vomiting blood*)

(*Fellow Mizzou grad ChampsTourTFM runs into my office screaming, “The power of Truman compels you!” as he douses me with Budweiser*)

Okay, all better. Joking and seething hatred aside, the video from kU’s basketball team is entertaining. Yes, the acting sucks, but that’s pretty much the norm for videos like these. At least you could tell Self was actually into it and having a good time. That counts for something. If this were done a few years ago with another high profile college coach, say, Bob Knight, the guy wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic. He would have showed up annoyed, stood there reading his lines off a piece of paper, done everything in one take, no matter what, and then he would have called everyone “fucking idiots” and stormed out. Of course, I understand why Bob Knight wouldn’t get the point of “acting” like he was hazing his players, since he actually did haze his players.

Aside from Self’s obvious enthusiasm, I enjoyed the coach making fun of his foreign player for having an accent, which seemed a little racy for a type of video that is usually obnoxiously tame. Self’s chastising of his future number one draft pick for appearing in a GQ photo shoot was excellent as well, as was the coach’s “intimidating” scream. Also, the old guy, kansas basketball broadcast legend Max Falkenstien, could have probably actually played Blue in the movie Old School, that’s how cartoonishly old he looked and sounded. I respect whichever kansas athletic department media team member had the idea to do a video of Self hazing his players. Funny stuff.


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