VIDEO: Auburn Player Punches LSU Player In The Face During SEC Tournament Game

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Auburn Player Punches LSU Player In The Face

The headline was a lie. I needed to trick you into reading more about Oklahoma SAE.

KIDDING. Like you, I just want to go back to a world of dick jokes, blackout drunkenness, Todd Storms, OTPHJs, Frat Romances, and, of course, abusing our interns.

So here’s a start: one guy punching another guy in the face! Live on TV! In the middle of a college basketball game!

I haven’t been paying attention to the SEC basketball tournament, mostly because Mizzou’s season has been a dumpster fire times one thousand. So, like, a garbage barge on fire, drifting into a large offshore oil spill that engulfs a humongous seal habitat. Pure disaster. Plus Kentucky winning the SEC tournament is about as inevitable as a “Frozen” sequel or a UCF student graduating with a DUI.

Despite however inevitable Kentucky’s rampage through the SEC tournament may be, the other games still have to be played, I’m told. And hey, LSU is even sort of good! They’re currently matched up against Auburn, and apparently things are getting a little heated. After an upset win in the first round of the tournament, the Tigers from the plains are playing with a chip on their shoulder. They’re testy, and apparently lashing out. Check out Auburn guard Antoine Mason run by LSU’s Tim Quarterman, and pretty clearly and intentionally stick him in square in the face.

Mason was assessed with a flagrant foul, because that is super against the rules.


Looks like Auburn is REAL pissy today. Another punch-type thing was thrown — it was more of a slap shove, really — by Auburn’s Jordon Granger to the back of the head of LSU’s Jordan Mickey. A small fight ensued. I’m still looking for video of the latter, but here’s that back of the head shot.

I think Auburn basketball forgot that they were Auburn basketball. Granger has been ejected.

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