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Vegetarians At Stanford Compare Struggle To Civil Rights Movement, Are Crazy

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This is one of those times where taking a minute and thinking about your words would’ve been a good idea.

A group of nine vegetarian activists from the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) compared the adversity they faced for disrupting a showing of “American Meat” to that suffered by the four black students sitting at a whites-only lunch counter in Greensboro, NC in 1960.

Yep, just like the civil rights movement, except for the fact that the two things aren’t alike at all. You may have been jeered at, but that’s only because you all chose to be jackasses and interrupt a movie showing, not because of the color of your skin.

Hsiung said, holding up a picture of a dog, “This is my little girl, Lisa. Why does she deserve to die for your bloodthirst and greed?”

Other activists then began standing up and showing pictures of their pets.

“My name is Adam. This is Daisy. She does not deserve to die, and neither did they.”

Ignoring how racist it was for the Asian student to talk about eating dogs, what point are they trying to make exactly? I’m not planning on eating your pets, guys. I really have no desire to eat anything that someone would consider a pet — unless, of course, that pet is a pig or something.

Eventually, one attendee got up to mock the protesters.

“My name is Aspen,” she said. “I raise pigs. I love bacon.”

See? Even the girl with pigs, eats pigs. That’s because there’s a line drawn among domesticated animals: they are either pets (though really, dogs are really the only acceptable choice) or delicious. They’re never both. We didn’t domesticate cattle for companionship. We did it because they are loaded with hundreds of pounds of meat, and because they taste so fucking good.

Eventually, the film’s director, who was there for the screening, asked the activists if they could just have a pleasant conversation. This was the response he was met with:

“Are we going to have a pleasant conversation about rape? About child pornography?”

I’m guessing that’s a “no” on the “pleasant conversation” front.

Come on guys, everyone knows that when you compare something to rape and child pornography, you need to include the Holocaust for good measure. That way you know you’ve made your ridiculous point. Or would that have crossed a line? Was comparing meat-eaters to Hitler too much, but child-pornographers and rapists were both inside the line?

“What’s next, are you going to invite a dog fighter, Michael Vick, to this forum, and allow him to talk about how wonderful it is to torture and kill dogs?”

That’s not how you send a point home. You end with the strongest — or in your case, craziest — point. Although, to be fair, these vegetarian psychos probably did think that Vick killing dogs is worse than rape or child porn.

Fucking crazy vegetarians. Whatever, more meat for me.

[via Campus Reform]


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