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  • Wayne Fratzky 7 years ago on Guns

    Benelli M2 the most versatile gun produced. I’ve used it for goose, duck, pheasant, turkey, and deer hunting.

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  • Wayne Fratzky 7 years ago on James Madison

    Burning Tree has a better story than that. A small airplane made an emergency landing on the par 5 16th. The occupants had women among them. The club members escorted the women off the grounds and took the men into the clubhouse to celebrate such a sick landing. case and point: Burning Tree TFM

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  • Hootie and the BROfish 8 years ago on Top 5 TFM TV Characters: Part 1

    Movie character dumbass but I believe Andy from the Office and Ari Gold have some Fratty qualities but are not fully there like Kenny Powers. Another quality character in my mind previously mentioned is Ruxin from the League. Pros: Hot ass slampiece of a wife who he fucks on the reg, Big time lawyer, always dressed the frattiest on the show. Cons: He’s Jewish and his social life revolves around Fantasy Football. Consider it

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