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dumb and dumber

The Weekly Dump: Shit Clips Edition


Beta Dolphins Are Going Deaf Thanks To Loud Alpha Fish Fuck Parties

clemson tiger

Clemson City Council Is Down To Suspend Open Container Laws If Tigers Go To The Natty

ut austin girl

UT Austin Freshman Goes Viral For Having The Worst First Final Exam Experience Of All Time

toilet poster

The Weekly Dump: Is This The End?

miracle speech icing jmu

JMU Senior Gives Rousing Rendition Of The Miracle On Ice Speech After Getting Iced In The Library

Die Hard Is NOT A Christmas Movie, But Die Hard 2 Is

larry enticer

The “Just Gonna Send It” House Remix Is The Ultimate Banger

blowup doll date

Texas Tech Grad Wines And Dines A Blow Up Doll After Getting Last Place In His Fantasy Football League

lil b

Lil B Might Be A Student At Your College Next Year