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Watch this new exclusive clip from Total Frat Movie and pre-order it on iTunes HERE.

Check Out A New Exclusive Clip From Total Frat Movie

Pre-order on iTunes and get excited for September 23rd.

Check Out This Exclusive Clip From Total Frat Movie

Bad Babes Bend At The Waist

Cowgirls To Start The Day

Start Your Day With A Workout

Beers, babes, and cops on horseback? Millfest 2016.

Watch last year’s party featuring a little person riding a donkey HERE

Ohio University Campus-Wide Rager Looks Like A Very Good Time

Nate Robinson Attempting To Be First NBA Player To Play In The NFL

“Guys are gonna hit their max squad, walk through a tunnel with smoke and strobe lights.  Then they’re gonna hulk smash some weights.”

College Football Players Hulk-Smash Leg Day

Bonus points for having Cotton and Pepper from Dodgeball on the commentary.

“Oh! Right in the testicles!”

“Ouchtown, population you, bro.”

Cagefighter Lands Ridiculously Acrobatic Nut Shot