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Pike from Northeastern University finishing all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon in his army fatigues and combat boots. TFM

The Masters’ championship trophy being a blazer. TFM.

total sorority move

These guys just can’t lose.

Ohio State’s Football Team Performed With The Dance Team At Halftime And Put On A Show

Just rubbing it in all of our faces.

Ohio State Reminds You They Just Won The National Championship With This Awesome Highlight Video

Using the pledges as sportscasters. TFM.

Pulling out the Shooter McGavin finger pistols after some mediocre sex. TFM.

total sorority move

The CIA staring at probation in the face for aggressively hazing terrorists. TFM.

total sorority move

Telling everyone she also got off. TFM.

total sorority move

Having to resist the urge to pee off the back deck of your house while back home for the holidays. TFM.

total sorority move

Yelling, “Omaha!” every time you switch sex positions. TFM.

total sorority move