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Coming courtesy of a California high school student, this beast of a goal scored from midfield off the tap is absolutely stupendous.

The kid packing the thunder in his boot is Geoffrey Acheampong, a forward for the Cate School, a private prep boarding school in Carpinteria, CA. His monstrosity of a strike caught the opposing goalie just far enough off his line, and put Cate up 1-0 just seven seconds into their rivalry match against Malibu High School.

If the caliber of Geoffrey’s goal is any indication, Cate fields a pretty damn decent soccer team full of elite players, because mediocre talent can’t drill a fucking ball like that. Based on the fact that he’s sporting the number 10, I’m guessing Acheampong is the best player on what is likely pretty filthy roster. The Cate School’s tuition runs in the neighborhood of $53,150 a year to board, and they only admit 75 students each year out of 700 or so applicants. With selectivity like that, I’m almost thinking this Cate squad could give an MLS team a run for their money. Both literally and figuratively speaking.

Acheampong has committed to taking his soccer talents to UC Santa Barbara, but it’s not likely he’ll be scoring a prettier or more effortless goal any time soon.

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