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UPDATE: Wild Party At An Airbnb Near The Poconos Got Lehigh Kappa Sigma Booted

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It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong. Yesterday, I wrote an article titled “Lehigh University Kappa Sigma Suspended Because The Cops Had It Out For Them.” Luckily, I was and always am completely right.

I’m not from Lehigh University (sorry to disappoint) so all I can really go off for most stories like this is the articles written and official university documents — neither of which ever tell the whole story. The Morning Call reported 40 students received citations and another student required emergency medical attention at “an off-campus event hosted by the fraternity.” It turns out, that “off-campus event” was an alcohol and drug-fueled rager at an Airbnb near the Poconos.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster overnight, I’ve got more of the real story as to what got Lehigh University’s Kappa Sig booted.

According to the tipster, Kappa Sig held their formal at Pocono Manor, which is really the only acceptable option for a form if you’re going to live in that part of Pennsylvania. However, instead of booking a ballroom or something for the formal part of it, the fraternity (allegedly) decided to hold a massive party with alcohol and many illegal drugs at an Airbnb. According to Airbnb, that is frowned upon. This essentially resulted in state police, not the campus rent-a-cops, raiding the place and handing out citations like candy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but an America where I can’t hold a drug and liquor-fueled orgy at a stranger’s house near the Poconos is not an America that I want to live in (Kidding. This country is the tits). Forty citations still seems rather high. I think next time cops should give out one as a “lesson” and the guilt from the guys’ moral compass will be enough punishment.

Either way, that’s at least a closer look at what got Lehigh University’s Kappa Sig canned. Honestly, I’ve seen fraternities booted for much less.

On an unrelated note, a tipster tells me that Lehigh University’s ATO lost their accreditation after being caught nailing pizzas to the wall, which leads me to want to ask additional questions like “how?” and “why?” but maybe we’ll leave that for another day. Until then, party on.

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