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University Of Texas To Serve Beer At Sporting Events

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Finally, Texas fans won’t be chugging three Lone Stars at their tailgate just before kickoff to keep the buzz going through the game because no alcohol is available inside the stadium. Now they’ll just do it because the beer that is inside the stadium is too damn expensive.

According to a report from, new UT Athletic Director Steve Patterson had been pushing to make beer sales at Texas sporting events a reality. Now, as soon as tonight’s women’s basketball game against TCU at the Frank Erwin Center, that reality appears to have arrived. Were I a lazy(er) writer, this would be where I made a joke about beer being the only thing to get people to go to a women’s basketball game, because “LOL women’s sports.” However, I like to think I’m above such cheap, immature jokes.

This is a cool little development for UT. It’s always nice to have the option to grab a beer or nine when taking in a game. As much as I’d like to go to the next game at the Erwin Center and throw a few back while watching Rick Barnes resurrect his career (he’s an expert at resurrection by the way, as evidenced by the fact that I’m pretty sure he’s an actual zombie risen from the dead), I actually think basketball is a terrible sport to drink at. There’s too much happening, and you never want to miss the action. What the beer sales are really great for is the UT baseball and softball teams, as well as football, of course. Hockey is a fantastic sport to drink at as well, but unfortunately most people down here have no idea what that is. I’m fairly certain that during the Olympics I heard the sport referred to as, “That least gay thing America is playing in.”

What helped spur this change, in the estimation of Rant Sports, was Texas’ fellow Big 12 member West Virginia initiating beer sales at their sporting events a year prior. Apparently Steve Patterson presented West Virginia’s successful results and the case was compelling enough for UT to agree to let beer be sold. I guess, “And honestly, they didn’t burn any more couches than you would expect,” was a pretty solid argument on Patterson’s part.

Enjoy your expensive beers, UT kids. Though I still recommend sneaking in flasks.

[via, Rant Sports]

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