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University Of Pittsburgh Students Attend Event With Trigger Warning, Still Get Offended

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University Of Pittsburgh Students Attend Event With Trigger Warning, Get Triggered

The Steel City went soft this week. As you may remember, a few weeks ago we covered a speech made by Milo Yiannopoulos. Well, he’s back at it again, offending the living shit out of college students. This time, he took his talents to the University of Pittsburgh.

Some of his talking points included the gender wage gap (he says you’re an idiot if you think there is one), Black Lives Matter (according to him, it’s a supremacy group), and feminists (he calls them “man-haters”). I’ll admit he’s coming off a little strong, but hey, it’s a meaningful discussion. Surely the fully grown adults in the room can take his words with a grain of salt and understand he has a right to his own views. Wait, damn, I forgot it’s 2016 and everyone’s emotional stability has dwindled to that of a 4-year-old.

Students were brought to tears, not from the bravery of this man to speak his mind when faced with endless opposition, but from the “literal physical danger” they felt they were in while at the event. Since the speech, two events have been held to support those who “experienced trauma, [had] been triggered, or felt any kind of pain from the events.” It’s interesting that a speaker with such controversial views wasn’t advertised with a trigger warning to inform students they might be hurt by the message. Oh, wait — HE WAS.

From BreibartBreitbart:

“President of the College Republicans and fellow student Tim Nerozzi responded to the complaints by proclaiming, ‘I’m not here to rain on your parade. We put a trigger warning on our fliers for the event. We never claimed it would be a family friendly or a politically correct lecture.’”

In review, these students were given a trigger warning about an event, attended it anyway, and then proceeded to complain about how the mean man made them cry. What’s the point of a trigger warning if you aren’t going to listen to it? If you walk up to a fence that says “Dangerous High Voltage Authorized Personnel Only,” and you find a way past that fence and get electrocuted, not only are you an idiot, you cannot blame the people who WARNED you because you didn’t listen to them. Those students chose to attend the speech, and any emotional distress caused by it was their own damn fault for showing up in the first place.

[via Breibart]

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