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University of Oregon GDIs Organize, Claim They Rage Harder Than Greeks, Then Throw Laughably Bad Party

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Why? Just why? Every once in a while a GDI will look around the house party he’s at, see three kegs in the corner of a half-full room, and think to himself, “There’s NO WAY there’s a cooler party than this right now. I mean, how could there be!?! Everyone is having SO much fun here!”

Meanwhile, at any random fraternity house, a party that would make those GDIs both awestruck and horrified is raging away. It’s just a lack of perspective, really. You can’t blame a GDI for thinking that, because they don’t know any better. You can, however, blame them for trying to prove it, and then laugh when it goes horribly wrong.

This was the case at the University of Oregon recently, where GDIs (an upwards of 100!) united to prove that they raged harder than Greek Life, even creating a Facebook group (feel free to troll it), whose description reads:

The official chapter of the Gott Dayum Independent’s of the University of Oregon. The mother fucking GDI’s of Oregon #WeRageHarder #RushGDI EST 2012 Gamma Delta Iota

As you can see they also coined the oh so clever hashtag “#werageharder.” I wonder if they got it trending? I hope so, because you know what wasn’t trendy? Going to their actual party.

Here are some pictures of the GDI ragefest, thrown to prove once and for all that GDIs really do rage harder than Greeks.


The fire marshal called, you’re 300 people under capacity.


“No way, I don’t want to be on your team! Girls suck at beer pong!” TGDIM


“There are more people coming, right?”


This is starting to bum me out.


“I’m having the time of my life! Want some of my vodka gatorade?


When cargo pockets and flat bills outnumber the women in any given picture, you can be assured you’re at a GDI party. #werageharder


GDIs are so racist, you guys.


If this were a meme it would read: “Sees fraternity throw fiesta party, calls them racist. Puts on sombrero and pancho for party, totally different.”

Is someone going to put the GDIs on probation for their offensive use of sombreros and panchos? Though I suppose this begs the question, if someone throws a party where offensive things happened, but no one attended, then did the offensive things really happen?

Despite the terribleness of their first party, the Oregon GDIs are raging onward. I guess that makes sense — the first stage of being a GDI is denial, and you never really leave that stage. They’re planning a big time Memorial Day rager, and as you can tell from the Facebook post, it looks like it’s going to be epic.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 2.00.00 PM

They never learn.

Pictures via Facebook


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