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Social Justice Warriors Now Have Their Own Living Communities At The University Of North Dakota

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University of North Dakota

Good news, social justice warriors: You and your social justicey friends will soon have your own living space on the University of North Dakota campus. You did it! You really did it!

According to a report from Campus Reform, UND is now offering students interested in social justice their own living area on campus. I assume it’ll have the dankest parties.

From Campus Reform:

The Social Justice Living-Learning Community is ‘designed for students who are involved in promoting a more inclusive and just society,’ and promises to provide such students with opportunities for ‘creating and leading positive social change.’

Cheryl Terrance, faculty advisor of the UND Ten Percent Society (TPS), a student support group for the ‘GLBTQQIA community,’ told Campus Reform that the LLC was developed by the school’s housing office, but predicted that social justice-oriented student groups such as TPS would likely be involved in programming efforts.

Hold up. Is GLBTQQIA a real thing? I’ve heard of LGBTQ and variations of it. What’s the extra “QIA” in this one? Why is the “G” before the “L?” Are we making up random acronyms now for shits and grins?

The fact that social justice warriors need their own area in which to live shows how disconnected they really are from society. If you want to create social change, then maybe you should go out into the real world and see how it works instead of retreating to your safe space. Just a thought.

These are the same students that major in gender studies and then complain that they can’t get a well-paying job as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. They’re the same that complain about Channing Tatum only being interested in skinny blonde chicks even though if they ever saw a treadmill they’d probably try and eat it.

I mean, have you ever gone up to a chick and been like “Hey girl, you wanna go back to my social justice dorm and shmang?” No. And you shouldn’t, because it’s rude. You should only use non-gender specific pronouns ne/ve/spivak/ze/xe.

The report says the community will let people of any gender identity live together as long as the agreement between roommates is mutual, which is great news. As a 92-year-old Chinese woman who plays NBA basketball, I have always wondered what it’d be like to live with a 12-year-old fish/turtle/seagull hybrid. Sign me up, UND.

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[via Campus Reform]

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