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University of New Hampshire Pays 100k For New Logos, Students Hate Them

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Above are the three logo finalists for the University of New Hampshire, one of which will be chosen by the university president as the new symbol for UNH. Do those look like they cost $100,000 to produce? Well they did, in fact, cost $100,000 to produce. Meanwhile, at the New York firm UNH paid to design these, someone is holding a check for 100k, sitting in front of a computer screen, staring at an open MS Paint window, and laughing maniacally. What are the chances that the firm commissioned to design these, Chermayeff & Geismer & Haviv, was given a few months, sat on their asses, and then shit these out a week before they were due? Pretty good, right? UNH probably could have gotten an art student to do these for a month’s supply of dining hall meals.

Not only are the designs hilariously overpriced, but students don’t even like them.

“I don’t like them too much,” said student Joel Ford.

Many students echoed that sentiment.

“I thought the first two were boring and kind of lame,” said student Louisa Normington.

To be fair, boring and lame are probably accurate representations of the University of New Hampshire.

Naturally a Facebook group sprung up in protest of the logos as well.

But a UNH junior has started a Facebook page which criticizes the three options.

Comments range from “This looks awful” to “what terrible logos.”

“They were kind of lackluster and dull,” said Megan Abaspour, who started the page.

University officials remain optimistic however.

“Change is difficult for people,” said UNH Marketing professor Catherine Blake. “A new logo can bring energy to the institution. We’re really bringing UNH into the 21st century.”

Yup, nothing says 21st Century like a medieval coat of arms. That marketing professor seems pretty awesome at marketing.

[via CBS Boston]


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