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University Of Maryland To Begin Selling Beer At Sporting Events This Fall, Terrapins Rejoice

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Beer and football go together like Hawaiian shirts and good times. Unfortunately, college football stadiums haven’t ever been too fond of selling beer at games. I guess they think it’s a safety issue or something. I can’t imagine why.

Thankfully, colleges are now wising up and realizing that people are going to be drunk anyway, so the school might as well make a little money off the fans. It’s a solid business decision, when you think about it. Everyone is drinking before the game. People tailgate outside just to get a strong enough buzz to last them through all four quarters. Some people even sneak booze in. So why not just profit off the inevitable?

A few schools have already approved the sale of beer in their stadiums, and now, one more can be added to the list. Starting this September, the University of Maryland will be selling beer at Byrd Stadium and the Xfinity Center.

About a month ago, the school’s president, Wallace Loh, approved the proposal to sell beer at sporting events, which, as you’d expect was championed by the student body. However, his word alone wasn’t the final say. The school still needed approval from the local government authority, the Prince George’s County Board of Commissioners.

Beer’s not the only thing Terps want sold at games. There’s also talk of selling wine in the future. Bold move, Maryland. In addition to your usual domestics, the school is pushing for the sale of a minimum of three local craft beers at games, which is fucking awesome.

The school stands to make a good amount of money of beer sales, but that’s not the only reason they’re doing it, according to them.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland projects beer sales will bring in at least $500,000 annually of added revenue, proceeds that will be contributed to mental health counseling, responsible drinking programs and sexual assault awareness programs, Loh said, adding that he believed the proposal will cut into binge drinking.

“I am doing it because I do believe that creating a safe and responsible environment will mitigate, over time, the issues of excessive drinking,” Loh said during his presentation.

I’m not sure that it’ll cut into binge drinking, Mr. Prez, but if that’s what you have to say to get the go-ahead, by all means, preach on.

Congrats, Terps fans. Now you finally have a way to make your games a little easier to watch.

[via Baltimore Sun]

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