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University of Kentucky Basketball Player Archie Goodwin Has Demon Clown Tattoo, Might Be A Juggalo

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Fine, Archie Goodwin is probably not a Juggalo, that being a dedicated fan of the band Insane Clown Posse, but that doesn’t mean opposing fans shouldn’t start shouting that at him anyway.

Not a frequent watcher of Kentucky basketball, I first noticed the freshman guard’s tattoo this past Saturday while the Wildcats were playing at Arkansas. I was immediately baffled, terrified, and amused. That’s a combination of feelings generally reserved for when you black in mid-coitus.

As far as basketball tattoos go, this one ranks near the top of ridiculousness, and that’s an impressive feat. There really aren’t a more absurd set of tattoos in the world than basketball tats. Even Russian prisoner tattoos at least have a sense of sad, poetic purpose to them. That wolf on Vladimir’s back represents his violent ferocity and loneliness. The psycho clown on Archie Goodwin’s arm represents that he wanted to get a psycho clown tattooed on his arm.

I have no idea why Archie Goodwin has Stephen King’s It popping out of a Jack in the Box tattooed on his arm, other than to maybe terrify his opponents. The only thing worse than trying to deal with a guy playing lockdown defense on you is that lockdown defender having an evil clown tattooed on his arm and OH GOD THE CLOWN EYES KEEP FOLLOWING ME JUST TAKE THE BALL AND LEAVE ME ALONE I’M SO SCARED!




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