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UNC’s Luke Maye Showing Up To His 8 AM Class Today Was More Heroic Than His Game Winner Over Kentucky

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Luke Maye, who wrote his name in the constellations of NCAA tournament history with a miracle game ender that sent Kentucky packing, mustered up some sort of Herculean will power and showed up to his 8 a.m. class today.

I couldn’t make it to my morning classes and all I did last night was get hammered on Monarch and binge YouTube videos. Meanwhile, this dude could probably get a pass on attendance for the rest of the semester as the biggest swinging d on campus or get enrolled into one of those UNC “athlete classes,” but he strolled into that 8 a.m. ready to bask in all the glory.

One of Maye’s proud classmates captured this golden god, looking comfortable and accomplished in a zip up and sweat pants, in the front row of his business class. As Maye seemingly expected, his peers gave him a standing ovation.

Seeing as this dude is in the “onion” business, you’d think he could take a day or year off. Business is a major most people take for the express reason of skipping class to nurse their hangover anyway.

But Maye is the perfect example of why walk-ons make such well adjusted players. Look at him, standing up in front of the crowd. This guy had a game that will define the rest of his life and probably lock him down local car commercials for the next two decades, and he displays such humility, such work ethic.

Any European or Chinese team that invests in Maye is not only going to get a man who can step up when the game is on the line, but one that is probably also going to lead a complete and ethically solid lifestyle. And probably volunteer with kids and stuff.

Good going Maye. Now if you could go ahead and rip out and stomp on Oregon’s heart the same way, that would be awesome for this Corvallis writer.

Image via Youtube

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