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UNC Students Already Preparing For Duke Game By Leaving A Friendly Message In The Snow

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College rivalries, aren’t they the best?

“The place of higher learning where you’re trying to make a better life for yourself and expand your mind is a steaming cesspool of shit populated by mentally deficient puppy rapists!”

I tried to sneak a sign that said that into a Missour-kansas game once, but arena officials wouldn’t let me display a sign that called kansas a “place of higher learning.” HEY-OOOOOOOOOOO.

Really though, college rivalries are the best, because of how heated and, owing to the fact that the most important section of fans are students, hilariously immature they are.

Speaking of hilarious immaturity, enter students from the University of North Carolina, preparing for their game against arch rival Duke tonight by stomping this tried and true but no less amusing message into the fresh Carolina snow for their hated ACC counterpart.

Photo via Overheard at UNC:


Not all the UNC students were on board with this message however. Many complained that the snow writers forget to spell “Dook” properly.

It’s always comforting to see that nothing has changed in a timeless rivalry, which is in direct contrast to how uncomforting it is to see how nothing has changed with a timeless coach like Mike Krzyzewski, who when I describe as “timeless” I mean creepy, immortal vampire that hasn’t aged in three decades. I know your secret, Coach Dracula.

UNC takes on Duke tonight at 9pm ET.

[via Overheard at UNC]

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