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UMass Denounces “Crude” Harambe References, Calls Them “Micro-Aggressions”

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a fraternity honoring harambe

While you were watching the first real weekend of football and smashing cans of Natural Light against your head over the long weekend, a couple of RAs at the University of Massachusetts announced that any “crude” references toward everyone’s favorite deceased gorilla will no longer be tolerated, because they’re “micro-aggressions to some UMass students” and could prompt a Title IX investigation.

According to these buzzkill RAs, UMass is a school that offers “DRCs,” which stands for defined residential communities. In other words, they offer segregated, monochromatic floors for minority students to live on so they can be away from any people of privilege (POP). One of such communities is actually called Harambe, which is Swahili for “the point at which we pull together.” The Harambe community is a floor for African-American students that focuses on celebrating African heritage. Anyone else see the irony in naming a segregated living community after a word that means “to pull together?”

UMass student Jarod Sasdi took to Twitter to share the inane bulletin from his RAs.

From Campus Reform:

When Sasdi was asked if this would stop students on his hall from making Harambe references, he replied, “absolutely not, we will stand by our friend no matter the consequences,” adding, “I think their [the RAs’] lack of knowledge of Harambe may have clouded their judgement.”

Sasdi also noted that he does not think the “murder of a gorilla” is a joke, and that his floor was simply trying to pay their proper condolences to Harambe.

Given the presence of this on-campus ethnic community, the UMass RA’s argue that any joking or negative reference to Harambe the gorilla could be seen as an attack by members of the Harambee [sic] community, and request that residents report whomever is writing Harambe messages to student administrators.

As if calling these references to the late Harambe “micro-aggressions” wasn’t off-base enough, the clueless RAs go on to call the flashing of one’s fuck-hammer, in memory of Harambe, a Title IX violation, and a “sexual assault incident.”

Perhaps if Ryan and Colleen left the comfort of “Syc 3” for a few hours, they’d realize that #dicksout is about much more than just showing off our beaver bashers. It’s about a country coming together to mourn the loss of one of its greatest individuals, and not about watering down the definitions of “Title IX incident” and “sexual assault.”

Harambe, a message of unity, lives on in our hearts as well as on our whiteboards.

And T-shirts.

[via Campus Reform]

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