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Um, Apparently Texas Rangers Minor Leaguers Haze New Guys By Jacking Them Off…

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If you and your buddies holding down a kid and taking turns jerking him off falls well across the line of, “Things You Should Never Do,” then it’s roughly a billion light years past the line of “Things You Should Never Snapchat Yourself Doing.”

Some Texas Rangers minor leaguers apparently did not realize either of these things, though, because they held down a younger player, took turns jerking him off, and Snapchatted it.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Eight Texas Rangers prospects were questioned by police in the Dominican Republic after a video showed a group of players sexually assaulting an underage teammate in a hazing incident that targeted players new to the team’s Dominican complex, sources familiar with the case told Yahoo Sports.

While prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have yet to press charges for the alleged assault, they told the court they intend to charge at least four players who held down a teammate and masturbated him, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Among those expected to be charged are the younger brother of Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor, also named Rougned, and Yohel Pozo, a top catching prospect, both 19 years old. The players facing potential charges have been told not to leave the country, according to sources.

Video of the alleged assault, which took place toward the end of October, was captured and posted on Snapchat, according to sources. A 10-second clip of video, obtained by Yahoo Sports, shows the alleged victim in a Rangers shirt and Rangers shorts laying on a bed with his arms held behind his back and his legs pinned down. At least four men are seen in addition to the alleged victim, whose penis is exposed, grabbed and maneuvered underneath a hand towel.

I mean, gross? I don’t really know what else to say here. Although, not to diminish the potential victim’s potential suffering, but it almost sounds like this is a thing with Latino ballplayers? At the very least, the next line in the story makes it sound like acts of this nature aren’t NOT a thing. Kind of? I don’t even know.

All of the men in the video, including the alleged victim, are seen laughing.

Hell, maybe they’re all gay. We don’t know. At the very least it’s a different culture, that’s for sure. But that last line makes it sound like this was more tickle fight than intense hazing. Quick, someone get on Urban Dictionary and define “Dominican Tickle Fight.” That just sounds like it’s a sex act that already exists. Call me crazy but if I had to get hazed all over again I think I’d stick with a paddling and mental torture.

Major League Baseball declined to comment on the incident, though more accurately I think whichever MLB representative Yahoo! was talking to probably just stood there, mouth agape, shaking his head and shrugging. Totally at a loss for an explanation. Does anyone have one, really?

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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