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UCSD AEPi Rush Shirt Deemed Wildly Offensive Because There’s A Lady On It

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The University of California, San Diego chapter of AEPi has been accused of misogyny by UCSD students and student organizations after their members burned down a Planned Parenthood and built a statue of a penis wearing a crown out of its rubble made a rush t-shirt with an attractive lady and a cheesy pun on it.

Here’s the offensive t-shirt that drew the ire of UCSD students and, after complaints, administrators:


There are actually three things here that jump out to me as potentially offensive:

1. That horrible pun — not for anything it may be perceived to imply, but rather just because it’s a pun, and it’s terrible. You keep that garbage away from me.

2. That these presumably Jewish boys cannot draw Challah.

3. Because the AEPi brothers can’t draw Challah, it looks like the woman is serving them a pile of actual shit, which one would have to assume she is doing against her will, because nobody wants to carry around a tray of real shit.

Is that why everyone was pissed? They thought this fictional woman was being forced to lug shit around on a serving tray for AEPi? I might be on board with that. That’s a horrible thing to do to someone.

What the UCSD students are actually furious at, however, is the subtle hint of sexuality in both the pun and the drawing, as well as (I assume) the implied female servitude (shit or no shit).

Whatever. AEPi has been ordered to scrap the shirts and make new ones, according to one member.

Here’s my idea for their next rush shirt: a jacked Jewish man in a speedo with an outrageous, cartoonish bulge. I’m talking a damn lumberjack forearm being smuggled in a napkin. Because, really, they can’t tell you how you can portray yourselves. That’s fucking offensive.

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