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UCF Student Does LeBron Powder Toss During Class, Causes Mass Evacuation Due To “Hazmat Situation”

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lebron powder throw UCF hazmat

At some point, we are all going to have to realize the times we’re living in. Bad shit is happening. People are on edge. Pranks are no longer being taken as pranks. So before you pop off and pull some stupid shit, just think about the ramifications.

This UCF student thought his seemingly harmless prank was going to get him a viral clip honoring the GOAT LeBron (yeah I said it, @ me), but what he got was just a biiiiiit different.

From Orlando Weekly:

Police at University of Central Florida are currently looking for a suspect wearing a LeBron James jersey, who reportedly stood up in the middle of class and threw powder in the air.

“The suspect stood up in a class that he is not believed to be a student in, and threw powder in the air,” the department tweeted. “Out of an abundance of caution, we evacuated the classroom and the building while we investigate.”

The UCF Police Department said the incident occurred today in the Business Administration I building, and has since been evacuated and is being treated as a hazmat situation.

Every single day, we see videos of kids standing at the front of classrooms and ripping a shotgun or giving some passionate speech about the merits of #BUTTSTUFF2018. This guy thought his little powder-throwing stunt was going to fall in the same category, but evidently sprinting into a room that you’re not supposed to be in and throwing an unspecified white powder in the air is enough cause for suspicion nowadays to warrant more severe punishment than just an angry glare from the lecturer.

Hope no other white blonde dude was unlucky enough to also be repping a LeBron jersey on campus when this incident occurred. Can you imagine the mixup that might have ensued? Some poor soul minding their own business, head buried in their underwater basketweaving book, when campus police come flying in on their Huffys and tackle them.

Was everyone able to evacuate in time? Was anyone on the hazmat team harmed? Will anyone be forced to live out the rest of their existence like in the hit 2001 film Bubble Boy? That powder could have been anything: anthrax, cocaine (it was a Miami jersey, after all), or some kind of airborne virus we’ve never even heard of.

Or it was just baby powder.

The two students involved — powder thrower and I assume his cameraman (where’s the tape?) — are currently in police custody. And I have to guess they’re probably wishing they would have thought this thing through. Better luck next time.

[via Orlando Weekly]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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